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Mackenie Standifer Says Teen Mom OG Is Fake, Gets Destroyed By Kailyn Lowry on Twitter

We all know that the stars and producers who deliver the reality TV we love sometimes a get a bit ... creative in crafting storylines and conflicts that might not be 100 percent true to life.

But while we're okay with a little embellishment here and there, there's a level of fakery that most fans aren't willing to accept.

And former Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie Standifer is making some outrageous claims these days about just how staged and scripted the beloved MTV series really is.

According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Mackenzie went on an anti-Teen Mom tirade this week.

And if her claims are accurate, they might seriously affect the way fans view the show going forward ...

1. The Standifer Saga

Mackenzie's time on the show was relatively brief. She was never a "full-time" cast member, but appeared in numerous episodes due to her tumultuous marriage to Ryan Edwards.

2. Dark Times

Standifer frequently came into conflict with fans during her time on the show, beginning when she failed to prevent Ryan from driving while intoxicated on their wedding day.

3. Downhill

Things only got worse from there, and eventually, Mackenzie deleted her social media accounts due to criticism from TMOG fans.

4. Rock Bottom

Mackenzie and Ryan's time on the show was marked by many low points, but public opinion really turned against the couple following Edwards' latest arrests.

5. Kicked to the Curb

Ryan and Mackenzie were eventually fired from the show, seemingly because producers didn't want the liability that would come with continuing to film (and pay) a multiple felon who seemed to be in the throes of a serious addiction.

6. Mackenzie Goes Off

Standifer has often been outspoken in her feelings toward MTV, but this week, she really went off on her former employees in her most bitter tirade to date ...

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Published By: The Hollywood Gossip - Thursday, 13 September
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